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Using Pop-Up Marketing Events to Outshine Your Competition


Gone are the days when you would put advertisements in your local newspaper to communicate your brand and product benefits. As consumers are becoming increasingly immune to traditional advertising, most successful brands focus on creating a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand to influence purchase decision and brand loyalty. Without doubt, using a pop-up event for experiential marketing is a great strategy to amplify this interactive experience and showcase your product. By creating a limited time opportunity, pop-up events create spontaneity and excitement, and stay in the collective consumer memory longer than “traditional” brand interactions. Still, there are inherent challenges that come with planning one. Follow our tips to fully utilize the potential of your pop up event.

JC Penney pop-up experiential marketing event

Plan in advance

Pop-up marketing events may seem unplanned and spontaneous, but their planning process is anything but. In fact, throwing a “seemingly unplanned” or “temporary” event takes a lot of time and coordination. Make it appear serendipitous but plan extensively. Create a budget and identify your goals as early as possible. Try to anticipate potential problems and hire temporary advisors if necessary. Our experienced team at Event Creative can aid your planning efforts to create an event that goes off flawlessly.

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Shop for a location
Finding the perfect temporary spot is paramount to the success of your proprietary event. To attract the right crowd we recommend doing due diligence on the neighborhood, other businesses present in the area, as well as location capacity and structural capabilities. Consider projection mapping to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Venue One North Shore is the only all-inclusive meeting and event center of its kind in the Chicago suburbs, surrounded by  corporate offices and retail shopping.  The 85,000 square foot venue offers several meeting rooms to accommodate any size, it is also fully customizable and can be transformed into a full retail store with fully branded displays, fitting rooms and seating. Our event management services can offer run-of-show and day-of scheduling to create the perfect impromptu experiential marketing event.


Hire the right team

While innovative technologies are a great way to captivate and interact with your consumers, pop-up events come with special event audio, video and lighting needs, and usually require some degree of technical fine-tuning to maximize the experiential aspect. To impress your customers under temporary circumstances, you cannot afford any glitches or technical problems. To address the AV challenge, our experienced production staff is skilled at tailoring standalone technologies to your needs and incorporating each of those elements into one innovative event design.

Experiential marketing event brand installation

Be creative

Experience, novelty, and excitement are the secret ingredients to transforming a temporary event into high-energy engagement opportunity. Create a unique and unforgettable consumer experience that reflects your brand and vision, whether it’s through interactive displays, digital and graphic branding, furniture, or something else entirely. At Event Creative the sky is the limit. We offer the most comprehensive lighting, sound and video elements available. These range from traditional elements – chandeliers or stage lighting – to advanced technology – video renderings.

Successful pop-ups blend speed, aesthetic, and quality. They allow brands to engage with existing customers and attract new business in a unique environment, while making it all look as if it spontaneously happened.  With the right partner you can offer your target market a rich and memorable brand experience, and truly maximize interest and consumer exposure.

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