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7 Details Often Overlooked When Producing An Event


The small details are often the ones that stand out at events, but too many times they are forgotten. The team at Event Creative is trained to evaluate every part of the event production process to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. Here are 7 details everyone overlooks when producing an event.

Pay Attention to Additional Charges

When producing an event, always ask about what’s included and what is an additional charge. Food and beverage taxes can hike the price of your event up by hundreds of dollars.

Have Enough Staff

From the culinary team, to the waiters, and the entertainment, you should over-staff the event because chances are people will be running around helping guests instead of their assigned role. By ensuring there are enough people on the team, you’re more likely to have an event that runs smoothly.

Provide Transportation and Accommodation Information

There will likely be guests at your event who are from out of town. Take the extra step and provide transportation and accommodation information for attendees. They’ll be thankful, and it will add to their overall positive feelings.

Create a Contact List

Before the event, send out a form, and compile a contact list of everyone involved including staff, entertainment, and speakers. You’ll likely need to reach someone last minute, and having a handy contact list will make your life easier.

Set Up Your Badges in Alphabetic Order

Possibly the simplest thing you can do to make your life easier is request name tags be printed in alphabetical order. This will save you from spending hours sorting them yourself.

Have Supplies on Hand

You never know when you’ll need a marker or some scissors. Bring a box of miscellaneous supplies like scissors, markers, tape, pens, and paper to the event.

Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes To Review The Plan

Ask someone who isn’t part of the production team to review your event plan. Does it make sense? Are you missing any important information? A fresh pair of eyes can often catch a missed detail that the event producer doesn’t see.

Event production is a process that combines dozens of moving parts at a time. From the catering to the entertainment and decor, it is not uncommon to overlook a small detail. Being aware of the commonly overlooked factors will make your process more productive. What do you pay extra attention to when producing an event?

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