5 Tips to Create More Profitable Corporate Events


Corporate events are very different than working in the personal space. Typically, corporate means larger events, expanded budgets and most of the time higher stakes. While working in this space can be a lucrative business, it’s critical to maintain strong relationships with clients in order to thrive in this industry. The following are five tips to help you leverage your planning process for continued success.

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1. Research
Every company is looking to develop a strong, definitive brand and culture that can be reflected in everything they do. Before meeting with the client, make sure you research their company to better understand their culture. The way they do business and the things that are important to them. Learn about the history of past events, who the big decision makers are and what buttons you need to push in order to make the event a success. Without fully understanding and defining these objectives with your corporate client there is no chance for you to exceed expectations.

2. Listen
It’s important to meet face-to-face with the client to show them you’re invested in making their event an accurate portrayal of everything their company represents. Truly listen to what they say and take notes to ensure the purpose of the event is always the focus. Dig into the main goals of the event and keep this purpose in the forefront throughout the planning process.

3. Budget
Corporate events often have a bigger budget than a private event, but you must find a way to fit within the budget they have established. Showing them you are willing to negotiate prices and come in under their set budget will establish a solid relationship. This level of mutual respect will pay off for you as the planner and ensure you are their go-to planner for future events.

4. Create
Think outside-the-box and give the client options on possible ideas that will set them apart from the competition. Businesses love the idea of being on the cutting edge of their industry and the event space is a great opportunity for them to show off their forward thinking ideas.

5. Follow-up
After the event, make sure to follow up and find out what they liked and what improvements you can make for future events. Let them know you appreciate their business and see them as not only a client, but also a friend and partner. Continue to keep in touch during the year, by sending a card, this small personal touch can make all the difference in getting future business from their company and create potential referrals.

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