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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue


Your venue has the power to define the success of your event. It’s important to pay special attention to the event venue because the rest of your planning will closely relate to the venue. Event Creative is lucky to work closely with Venue One Chicago and Venue One Northshore. Both of these venues provide thousands of square feet of event space that can be transformed for any occasion. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing an event venue to make sure your event is a success.


Before planning any event, it’s crucial to sit down and plan a budget you can stick to. With that being said, the cost of the venue is important to pay attention to so that you can ensure you have enough money for food, entertainment, and decorations. While we all want to book the most glamorous venue, it’s sometimes necessary to compromise and be flexible. For example, if you’re not strict on date, certain days of the week are cheaper to book.

Capacity and Accessibility

How many guests will be attending? Who are these guests? These are critical questions to ask when choosing an event venue to make certain that everyone can comfortably fit inside the space. Aside from how many guests you’ll have at the event, consider if the venue will be accessible to all people, specifically with disabilities. You want the event to be inclusive of all and if the venue isn’t, it may not be the right space for you.


A venue in a convenient location can be the difference between a large turnout and an event that flops. Choose a venue that is within reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or offices. If the event is hosting people from out of town, consider a venue near an airport or hotels. Events should be easy and enjoyable for guests, not a hassle. Put yourself in your guests shoes when choosing a venue.

Services and Amenities

Aside from how the venue looks, consider what the venue offers. Is it a one stop shop for all your event planning needs? Consider if the venue has a kitchen and catering staff, seating, a setup/clean up crew, and AV capabilities. These are just a few of the services you should be asking about when choosing a venue.


While it’s fairly easy to manipulate a space with decorations, there are some things that can’t be changed, particularly the architecture and overall style of the venue. If you’re planning a corporate event you’ll likely want a different venue than if you’re planning a gala. Luckily, Venue One Chicago and Venue One Northshore have a combined total of 110,000 square feet of customizable event and meeting space to cater toward any occasion.

Whether you’re planning a social event or a corporate meeting, the venue has the power to define the experience your guests have. By closely weighing the pros and cons of each venue, you’ll be more likely to produce a successful event that blows guests away and reaches your goal.

What do you consider before booking an event venue?  

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