You’ve been planning an event for weeks, even months, and when the big day finally comes, you hope it all goes according to plan. Unfortunately, something goes wrong. There’s an unexpected storm, the power goes out, your staff doesn’t show up. Don’t panic! You can still save the night. Here’s how to avoid an event production nightmare, and turn the night around for the best.

Have A Clear Chain of Communication

Many crises can be avoided if you develop an effective flow of communication early on. Everyone from speakers, to entertainment, chefs, and kitchen staff should know the plan for the night and what to do if something goes wrong. Keeping everyone in the loop is key to avoiding event production nightmares.

Test Tech Ahead of Time

We’ve all gotten up to do a presentation or performance and experienced technical difficulties. Test the wi-fi, the audio, the video, and the lighting multiple times before the event begins. Nothing kills the mood more than a screeching microphone or a screen that goes dark mid-presentation.

Confirm With The Team 24 Hours Before The Event

Half the waiters have the wrong Saturday down in their calendar, the florist doesn’t show up with the centerpieces, or the speakers show up late. The worst thing that could happen is someone has the dates or times mixed up and doesn’t show up to the event. By confirming with all the essential team members, you ensure firsthand that everyone will show up, and you have a window to find coverage if necessary.

Have a Backup Location

Reserving a backup location is especially important if you are having an outdoor event where the risk of unpredictable weather is high. Make sure the backup location has the same capabilities and fits the same amount of people so that you don’t have to turn anyone away or cancel anything you originally had planned.

Above all, stay calm and collected in times of unexpected event production disasters. If you look panicked, your guests and clients will be stressed out as well. Plan for the worst ahead of time, and you’ll avoid chaos early on when something doesn’t go as planned. How do you handle event production nightmares?

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By: Event Creative

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