Marketing events can be tricky, but getting the right amount of people to show up is essential to ensuring a smooth and successful event. At Event Creative, we know it can be daunting to think of ways to advertise without breaking the bank, but luckily in the age of social media and the world wide web there are many inexpensive or free ways to get the word out about your event. Here are the 5 best ways to promote your event online.

Become an SEO Expert

Maybe you’re an event producer by profession, but you’ll have to put on your marketing hat for this task. SEO is all about identifying and harnessing the terms that people are most often searching for in that category. Use the right search terms to describe your event and you’ll get dozens of clicks and RSVP’s before you know it.

Build a Social Presence

With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram dominating social media it is essential to use all your platforms to create a synchronized and integrated campaign across your socials. Change your cover photo and profile picture to a picture promoting the event, set up an official hashtag, and build hype with a contest or a countdown. Make sure you start this social media transformation several months in advance to build hype.

Pursue Online News Coverage

One of the best ways to reach a large audience of people is to get a news outlet to write an editorial about your event. Journalists are always hungry for new stories. Reach out to local stations if the event is being held in a specific town, or targeted publications based on what the event is for.

Produce Share-Worthy Content

Interesting content is not easy to produce, but where it can take your event attendance is worth it. Shareable content is free advertising for you. Curate content to create interesting blogs, infographics, and videos that can get thousands of clicks and shares.

Grasp The Power of Email

Though email marketing is often overlooked, it can reach hundreds of people with one click of a button. With mass email programs, it is easier than ever to create an email blast to hundreds of people informing them of the upcoming event. If they don’t RSVP they’ll forward the email onto friends who may find it interesting.

From more traditional forms of marketing like email and news sources, to social media and content, promoting your event online is the most effective way to reach the most amount of people today. Make sure you start your online marketing plan several months in advance and get a group of people on this task to maximize results. You’ll be overflowing with RSVP’s before you know it!

What are some of your best ways to promote your event online?

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